Our Solutions

The Solutions We Provide

We offer a range of marketing solutions and services for our clients who are usually Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs). These solutions are in two categories: Marketing and Software solutions.

These comprise of digital marketing services

We have our customizable chatbot for medium and big businesses

Ahab Chatbot by Vibrant Market Connection Ltd

Ahab Chatbot Solution

Our chatbot solves the problem of handling many inquiries and orders through messaging channels like WhatsApp.

We worked closely with a leading optical wholesale and retail firm in Nairobi, Kenya.
The chatbot is a web application that is easily accessible by customer service /sales team via desktop or mobile device.

Key features: our chatbot uses AI to automatically respond to custom inquiries 24/7. It is also customizable to suit any business model.

This is for
Wholesalers, retailers, e-commerce, and any organization with a high volume of unique inquiries.

Website Solutions

We focus on delivering the best website solutions to our clients once we are trusted with a project.

For website development, we start with understanding the clients' need of a website development or a re-design of the existing website.

Once we are clear on what the client wants, we embark on designing the website. After iterations from discussing the design with the client, we then move to the development of the website.

Depending on the features of the website and functionalities of the website in the business, the website development process is usually between 3 weeks to 6 months.

Social Media Marketing

We help our clients use their social media channels strategically to attract and delight their ideal customers.

This we do by understanding the business goals of the client, their ideal customers, and their business model.

From this understanding, we help our clients rightly choose the appropriate social media channels to use and the strategy to implement.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is the use of different media to strategically communicate to your target audience with the aim of converting them to clients.

Content marketing uses videos, images, graphics, podcasts, and blogs to strategically communicate the features, benefits, and reasons why your product, services, and company is the best choice for your audience.
Marketing team at work

This refers to the adverts run online. These adverts are usually targeted. This means they have been created to reach a specific demographic with unique psychographic characteristics. We help companies plan, run, and managed these online paid adverts.

This refers to the understanding and then designing of a business brand identities such as logo, website, letterheads, banners, t-shirts, and all other items that their brand will touch.

We organize different types of events and training programs that are aimed at educating, entertaining, and also network our clients and prospects among themselves.

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